The Home workspace is for file management. It’s reachable by clicking the top-left logo.

UI Rig’s Home
  • File A has been saved to the cloud. In addition, it has a published version as well, see the "Community Apps" list. The public version doesn’t have to be the same revision you have privately saved.
  • File B has been saved to cloud.
  • File C has never been saved to the cloud.
  • File D has been saved to the cloud but there are unsaved changes in your browser.

If you delete the cookies, your unsaved changes will be gone. By the way, you can always make a local backup by: File → Export to Disk

Drafter Workspace

For now, glance over where Group and Element actions are. Then, take a look at the Groups and compare them with the next section.

UI Rig’s Drafter Workspace

Designer Workspace

In Designer, Groups become interactive pages. In this workspace, you can change style and among other settings.

UI Rig’s Designer Workspace

Initial Page

Designer opens at the selected Group. Otherwise, at the topmost. When many Groups are at the same height, the leftmost  wins.

Undo works in Designer too

Drafter and Designer share their undo history. For example, changing an Element value in Designer modifies it in Drafter as well. If that’s undesirable, you could FileDuplicate before going to Designer.

App Mode

The App Mode is like Designer but without the toolbar.

UI Rig’s Designer Workspace


Exporting for Graphic Design Programs

In Designer, use the browser’s PrintSave as PDF. That PDF serves as an editable starting point you can import into Adobe® Illustrator or Inkscape®.

Hiding Toolbars

You can hide the Toolbar and Side Panels using the View menu. That is, most actions are available in context menus (right-click), Shortcuts, and the top Menubar.

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