GroupEnable Formula

Basic Formula

Parentheses (Nested Groups)

Deeper Groups compute before their parent(s). Therefore, Nested Groups act like parentheses. They have an operator unless they are the first formula item.

Spring Work Math Formula


Rounding Half Up


GroupFormula Presets

To remove a preset, re-click the active preset button.

Formula Presets

Choice Groups

Formulas use the selected Element Value.


Internally, a Checkbox value is 1 or 0. This example multiplies that value by $5.00 (a "Hidden in Designer" Element) using a formula. Effectively, this is a no-code conditional form.

Alternatives to Formulas

The next document is about integrating JavaScript. Therefore, you can also write formulas like:

Formula with JavaScript
function ({ radius }) {
  return Math.PI * radius.value ** 2
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