Root Groups

In Designer, each Root Group becomes a Page, but Auxiliary Groups don’t. They are Groups with the Hide in Designer option, and are handy for:

  • comments, or
  • intermediate computations (discussed later in Formulas)
Relationship between Groups and Pages

Tip Auxiliary Groups can be hidden in the Drafter Workspace too, ViewHidable Groups.

Nested Groups

Nested Groups are for sub-sections.

Group and Ungroup

Click Group to create a Nested Group with the selected Elements. Conversely, Ungroup moves the Elements to the parent Group.

Grouping Elements

Similarly, you can Group Groups.

Grouping Groups

How to Insert Groups?

Option 1: Drop a Group Template into the board, or into another Group.

Option 2: Click a Group Template. If a Group is selected, it creates a nested one.

Option 3: Ctrl K (works like Option 2).

Keyboard Modifiers

These modifiers work for the three options.

  • Alt for an Empty Group
  • Shift for a Formula Group

Pasting from Spreadsheets

You can paste 1 or 2 columns from spreadsheets. Also, from plain text with tab separated columns.

How to paste from spreadsheets to UI Rig
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